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Birdcage – Digital Cover
Release Date: 28 October, 2016
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1. All I Really Wanna Be

No promises of everlasting love
No burning kiss, that’s not what I’m thinking of
No summer nights with walks under the crescent moon
No long goodbyes in the heavy scent of jasmines in bloom
under cornflower skies
Those days are over and through

All I really wanna be is in the gallery
of the ones that you cherish and value
All I really wanna be is held in your esteem
as a part of the world you belong to
That’s all I really ask of you

No hungry eyes that tear my dress apart
No pretty lies toying around with my helpless heart
No sweet revenge for your empty words, not intended to keep
No furtive caress, no waiting in vain, no more losing sleep
over your mixed messages
No more illusions for me

All I really wanna be …
And that is all true, that’s all I really ask of you
Cause all you ever have to do
to restore my sense of dignity
is open your eyes and see me

All I really wanna be …

2. Juliet

Oh why, every time you meet someone, he’s shy and playing games?
Just another guy, another disappointment in your growing hall of fame
Girl, you’ve been dreaming much too long
oh, you’ve been scheming much too long
But what’s the use? Still no good news
And now, you’ve been hurt too many times
thinking of leaving love behind
You paid your dues, got no more to lose

Juliet, don’t hide your heart away
Love is coming for you any day
Don’t be afraid
Undecided lovers, they may come and go
but somewhere there’s a Romeo
waiting to show

Oh why they always seem to be confirming all your fears?
So sly, raising all your hopes again, but leaving you in tears
You’re such a rare sample of your kind
you got a much too brilliant mind
and honey you, you’re a hunter too
So no need to hang your head, resigned
though it may take some time to find
a man so true, as rare as you

Juliet, don’t hide your heart away …

3. Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
tell me how am I gonna walk tall?
Cause I’m so addicted to your view
Oh, how I wanna satisfy you

I know you don’t know my name
and it’s an unavailing game
But the thought’s too hard to bear
that you don’t really care
So I break my neck for you
and you don’t even have a clue
No, no, no

Mirror, mirror in your eyes
oh, can you see through my disguise?
You have no idea how long it’s been
since I started modifyin’

Anxiously estranged
compulsively deranged
Not to feel inferior
I got myself a new exterior
And it’s turning me outside in
Don’t even know what’s genuine
No, no, no

(Instr. bridge)

Mirror, mirror, won’t you smile?
Won’t you make my endeavor worthwhile?
Cause everything I think, say or do
don’t you know it’s all for you

My censoring is rough
but somehow it ain’t enough
I still can’t get around
that deprecating frown
always staring back at me
And it won’t ever let me be
No, no, no

4. Come Out and Play

Where is your smile?
Has there been no chance to slow down a little bit and breathe for a while?
Has there been no time to set aside for little everyday thrills?
Too little love between the work and the bills?
All this frowning didn’t use to be your style
Where is your smile?

Where is your song?
Has all the pressure been too heavy, has your day been too long?
Have all the burdens and obligations put a drain on your mind
and left a million tons of solid rock behind
where your spirit once resounded clear and strong?
Where is your song?

It’s such a beautiful day
(Come on little sister, come on little brother
stop pushin’ yourself ‘til you black out and stumble)
It’s time to come out and play
(Come on little sister, come on little brother
be good to yourself, your reward will be double)

Where is your glow?
Have you forgotten to care for your body and feed your soul
and let the sign of the frantic times go and lead you astray?
Speed up and win a few seconds on the way
and lose more than you would care to know
Where is your glow?

It’s such a beautiful day …

Where is your dream
that used to guide your every step and be the goal supreme?
Have you neglected the voice inside, telling you what to do
blocked and repressed your every impulse to be true
to your wildly flowing visionary stream?
Where is your dream?

It’s such a beautiful day …

5. For No Good Reason

Suddenly everything’s over
Suddenly there’s nothing to do
Suddenly all that is left for me
is sitting here missing you

There ain’t no place to take refuge
to hide from this merciless fact
that you are no more than a memory
and nothing here can bring you back

//: And it’s for no good reason
No good reason
No good reason at all ://

Everyone’s searching for answers
But there just ain’t none to be found
No comforting cure for this vertigo
or the bitter anguish pulling me down

//: And it’s for no good reason …

At all …

My sister, my love, I can’t tell you
the size of the hole in my heart
clawing and tearing and widening
as the stabs of realization start

//: And it’s for no good reason …

6. My Last Song

I want my last song to be about relief
from all of the troubles that (have) been giving me such grief
I want my last song to celebrate a time
when all of life’s worries have been taken off my mind

But will that day ever come, will that time ever be
when my blood will be calm and my soul will be free?
Will that day ever come when there’s release
and I can go in peace?

I want my last song to be a rising sun
softly announcing that a new day has begun
I want my last song to be a breath of air
after a dismal time of drowning in despair

But will that day ever come …


I want my last song to be a gentle sigh
clearing the shadows of a dark and cloudy sky
I want my last song to be a drizzling rain
after a desert storm of agony and pain

But will that day ever come …

7. Stick to Your Own Track

What’s your destination? Where you goin’?
Does another track look smoother than your own?
Tell me, are you thinking that maybe there’s a choice?
Is it uncertainty I’m hearing in your voice?

Is your seat too narrow? Are your feet too cold?
Are you sitting there, worried ‘bout getting old?
Or maybe you’re a little too comfortable
wondering what it would be like to get off and stroll?

//: You’d better stick to your own (stick to your own)
Stick to your own track, baby ://

Look out the window to uncharted space
Does it tickle, does it make your heartbeat race?
Study your reflection ‘gainst the drifting skies
Does it look better filtered through new admiring eyes?

When you gaze at the horizon, tell me what you see
Does the lure out there look anything like me?
Baby, keep your distance, cause I’m gazing too
and the lure out there looks very much like you

//: You’d better stick to your own …

Don’t you understand that I’m losing my command?
Pretty soon this locomotive won’t obey
My luck is bound to turn, and this train will crash and burn
So don’t look at me that way

//: You’d better stick to your own …

//: If you come near me again
I’m gonna total my train ://

8. Wouldn’t You Agree

Some stand to choose
and some stand to lose, some stand to lose
Some have it all
and don’t heed the call of others who fall

Now wouldn’t you agree with me
there’s too much pain and misery
Now wouldn’t you agree with me
some more is just not what we need

Some play the game not knowing its name
not knowing its name
Some are aware, and some just don’t care
some just don’t care

Now wouldn’t you agree with me …

Is it really necessary to abuse and steal
and carry on in all these evil ways?
Before you destroy your brother
is there actually no other way to spend your precious days?

Some people wheel
the whole sordid deal, the whole sordid deal
And some pay the price with blood and demise
with blood and demise

Now wouldn’t you agree with me …

9. Sweet Tooth

Oh, give me some more
of that sweet, sweet love that makes me feel so good
I know you got a lot in store
so won’t you open up and treat me like you should

Cause out of reach delights abound
and these cravings got me runnin’ round
catching crumbs and slivers as they’re falling
But don’t you know it’s getting late
How long am I supposed to wait
for your lovin’, baby, can’t you hear me calling

//: Oh, I got a sweet tooth, got a sweet tooth, got a sweet tooth for you ://

Please, don’t be such a tease
Let me have some of those candies on your shelf
Can’t you see, it’s no good to me
when you’re keepin’ all that sugar to yourself

So tell me why you gotta hide
all that loveliness you hold inside
Scratch and scrimp and keep it undercover
There’s nothing there for you to gain
if you leave me waiting all in vain
So get on it baby, come on be my lover

//: Oh, I got a sweet tooth, got a sweet tooth, got a sweet tooth for you ://

You give me that sweet tooth, give me that sweet tooth
Give me that sweet tooth, yes you do …

10. Can I Come In

Can I come in? I’m soaking wet
I’m lost for words, I’m an idiot
I’ve been wandering all over town
though all the salty sea is falling on the ground

The ghost of the past is at it again
My constant plague, my persistent friend
eating away at my soul
rummaging around beyond all control

The rain can’t wash away all my tear-stains and sorrow
but I need to look forward and find my tomorrow
And we could both be blessed with a brand new beginning
if only you would let me in

So open the door for your little fool
dripping and cold, standing in a pool
of the moaning and sobs from the sky
with permeated shoes and devastated pride

11. Sunny Street

What we have is precious, so very precious
How truly lucky it is
to get to share this feeling, to love for real and
to see it lasting like this
But too many sorrows, so many sorrows
have been allowed to unfold
Too many accusations, bitter evasions
and too much darkness and cold

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street
feel the brightness sparkle to guide our feet
Let our garden flourish with greens and blues
and golden blushing reds in a thousand hues
And save a few rays for rainy days

Up and down the hillside, the rocky hillside
We left no stone unturned
But for every lesson, each hard-earned lesson
there’s still another to learn
Locked in our positions, we guard our visions
in constant tug-of-war
But even after all this wranglin’, this twist-n-tanglin’
you’re still the one I adore

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street …

We go many years back, so many years that
sometimes we tend to forget
the countless sweet embraces, the happy days spent
in joy and peace since we met
Honey, I’ve been waiting, been hesitating
and you’ve been doing the same
But although sometimes we may tire, there’s still a fire
Let’s not go choking the flame

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street …

12. Birdcage

The birdcage is tight with steel closing in all around me
shining so bright, I can’t see the light, and I’ve been trying
so hard to break out, but a transparent wall won’t allow me
It’s made out of doubt

But I’m gon’ get some dynamite
And I’m gon’ set the fuse alight
Take cover for the final blast
And I’ll be bustin’ out at last

You’re hasslin’ me, come on, spread your wings now, it’s easy
and what’s stopping me from soaring so free, and you tell me
it’s all in my mind, well, baby, you’re right, but you’re trippin’
cause I’m still confined

But I’m gon’ get some dynamite …

Heavy locks are holding me
Can’t seem to find the key

See sometimes a thought is as strong as the mightiest maximum
security fort, and that’s where I’m caught, always struggling
to find a way through to the limitless skies up above me
It’s long overdue

But I’m gon’ get some dynamite …

13. The Word

Throughout history, man had this dream to live his life free
in control of his own destiny
And woman was there right by his side, sharing his plight
each endeavor and each flickering light

But oh, man wanted more
so his eyes wandered sideways, and he liked what he saw
And so, a scheme formed, so twisted and bold
and he marveled at his own brilliance, cause he knew he’d struck gold

Man wanted fortune and fame to his name
so he sold the girl, he sold the girl, he sold the girl
Then he thought of a way to make her take the blame
and he sold the word, he sold the word, he sold the word

Just as human as he, she too had to breathe, if you cut her she’d bleed
hers were the same hopes and fears and dreams
For love or for joy, for the calls from within, she’d do anything
she’d even give it all up for him

Climbing new heights on the ladder of her sacrifice
man was pleased, his ambition appeased, and he called her a wife
But when her heart’s desire wouldn’t let him tap the golden ore
he cursed her body and called her a whore

Man wanted fortune and fame to his name …