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Juliet – Digital Cover
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Music & lyrics by Imla

Imla: Vocals & background vocals
Måns Block: drums & percussion
Mats Ingvarsson: Electric bass
Mikael Gökinan: Electric guitar
Jonas André: Keyboards

Produced by Imla & Jonas André. Mixed by Jonas André. Recorded at Gula Studion by David Carlsson & overdubs recorded at Maison André by Jonas André. Mastered by Classe Persson, CRP Recording.


Oh why, every time you meet someone, he’s shy and playing games?
Just another guy, another disappointment in your growing hall of fame
Girl, you’ve been dreaming much too long
oh, you’ve been scheming much too long
But what’s the use? Still no good news
And now, you’ve been hurt too many times
thinking of leaving love behind
You paid your dues, got no more to lose

Juliet, don’t hide your heart away
Love is coming for you any day
Don’t be afraid
Undecided lovers, they may come and go
but somewhere there’s a Romeo
waiting to show

Oh why they always seem to be confirming all your fears?
So sly, raising all your hopes again, but leaving you in tears
You’re such a rare sample of your kind
you got a much too brilliant mind
and honey you, you’re a hunter too
So no need to hang your head, resigned
though it may take some time to find
a man so true, as rare as you

Juliet, don’t hide your heart away …