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Sunny Street

Sunny Street – Digital Cover
Release Date: 24 May, 2016
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Music & lyrics by Imla & Jonas André

Imla: Vocals & background vocals
Måns Block: drums & percussion
Mats Ingvarsson: Electric bass
Magnus de Oliveira: Acoustic guitar
Jonas André: Keyboards, electric guitar, percussion

Produced by Imla & Jonas André. Mixed by Jonas André. Recorded at Gula Studion by David Carlsson & overdubs recorded at Maison André by Jonas André. Mastered by Classe Persson, CRP Recording.


What we have is precious, so very precious
How truly lucky it is
to get to share this feeling, to love for real and
to see it lasting like this
But too many sorrows, so many sorrows
have been allowed to unfold
Too many accusations, bitter evasions
and too much darkness and cold

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street
feel the brightness sparkle to guide our feet
Let our garden flourish with greens and blues
and golden blushing reds in a thousand hues
And save a few rays for rainy days

Up and down the hillside, the rocky hillside
We left no stone unturned
But for every lesson, each hard-earned lesson
there’s still another to learn
Locked in our positions, we guard our visions
in constant tug-of-war
But even after all this wranglin’, this twist-n-tanglin’
you’re still the one I adore

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street …

We go many years back, so many years that
sometimes we tend to forget
the countless sweet embraces, the happy days spent
in joy and peace since we met
Honey, I’ve been waiting, been hesitating
and you’ve been doing the same
But although sometimes we may tire, there’s still a fire
Let’s not go choking the flame

So let’s take a walk down the sunny street …