Sunny Street – New single!

Sunny Street – Digital Cover
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Now it’s here! This week we released the first official single, “Sunny Street” from the upcoming album Birdcage on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and Tidal.

The song is a folky pop/soul tune with a strong retro vibe, and is written by Imla and Jonas André. Musicians are Måns Block, drums and percussion; Mats Ingvarsson, bass; Magnus de Oliveira, acoustic guitar; Jonas André, electric guitar and keyboards; Imla, lead and background vocals. The track is produced and arranged by Imla and Jonas André – who also did the mixing – and is mastered by Classe Persson (CRP Recording).

Last Tuesday we had a release party for the single at Scalateatern in Stockholm. Andy Collins from the soul music network Scandinavian Soul was there and wrote this positive review.

Listen to the track on Spotify:

Buy/listen to “Sunny Street” on iTunes/Apple Music or listen to the track on Tidal.

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